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Things I lack motivation to do:

1. Clean

2. Do laundry

3. Make dinner

Things I am fully motivated to do:

1. Netflicks

2. Pizza

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I sobbed for the girl that was so beautiful on the inside and the outside but couldn’t see it. I sobbed for the girl who spent years missing out on magical parts of life because her perspective was poisoned. I sobbed for the girl that repeatedly punished herself for not being good enough. And I sobbed for every other girl out there who believes the same lies that she did. I sobbed because these lies destroy lives.

And then my answer came. Retrieving the body of Old Me wouldn’t change a thing. I’m fatter than I have ever been and somehow I happier than I have ever been. I have a career and mission in life. I have more fulfilling relationships. I am solid in my beliefs. I have more positive attention. I have people who love me, lovers who want me, and goals that I’m achieving.

I am the happiest I have ever been and this simply proves that happiness is not a size. Happiness is a state of being. Happiness is about finding what you love about yourself and sharing it. Happiness is about taking what you hate about yourself and learning to love it. Happiness is an internal sanctuary where you are enough just as you are, right now.

The Militant Baker // 10 Years of Self Portraits and Why It’s Important To Love Your Body Now (via se-ren-d-ipi-ty)